Thursday, August 22, 2013

Style for less

Everyone is looking to save money and have great home decor at the same time.  Easier said than done.  But, there are tons of ways out there to do little things in your home that pack a big punch of style for less.  Here are a few I have found.

1.  This is such a genius idea.  All different flowers, painted one color, and glued to a canvas or the back of a clear frame.  You can keep it open or put a clear cover over it.  Either way works.  What I love about this is that you can use many different types of flowers but the color gives them a sense of uniformity.  This is such a statement piece.  If you are brazen enough, you could always go to a craft store like Michaels or AC Moore and ask if they have any stem-less flowers that they would be willing to sell to you.  Who knows, it could be a VERY inexpensive craft project!

2.  Crates are a great way to add style to your home and this way makes it very useful as well.  You could do something like this with an old chest as well ... that would look nice and also incorporate a vintage feel into your home.  Just make sure that the wood is treated so that it won't rot or transfer any color onto whatever you put into it.

3.  What a great coffee table idea for an outdoor space or a porch.  I believe they sell these tin containers at Christmas Tree Shop from time to time.  They are usually used to keep drinks cold, but I like this use so much better!  And, if you don't secure the tabletop on, it can also be used for storage as well (maybe for the pillows if this is an outdoor space ... you wouldn't want them to get moldy if it rained).

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