Friday, August 2, 2013

Cheating on home with jewels...

Oh man.  I am already cheating on home decor with jewelry.  BUT, in my defense, I am so obsessed with Etsy and some of the jewelry you can get on there for incredible prices.  I wanted to feature a few items from different shops that are way underpriced and gorgeous!!

1.  This first necklace is one that I have seen all over Pintrest and I actually have it in the pink (a little bit less versatile, but definitely more of a statement!).  So pretty!!  And only $14.00 ... NO, you did not read that wrong!!  I believe it is also a JCrew knock-off.  If I could afford JCrew jewelry, that would be all that would be in my jewelry box.  The link for this item is pasted below ...

2.  This second necklace is also very popular.  I really like the blue color.  So vibrant and such a statement.  Perfect with a very simple or monotone outfit.  Only $16.99!

3.  This third necklace is so fun.  It is really unique and the colors are so pretty.  I believe this is another JCrew-esque necklace.  This sells for $20.99 - which is almost unbelievable.  Such a great deal, even with the shipping of $6.00.  Keep in mind that shipping is only $3.50 if you get two items .... just saying.  Here is the link

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