Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dining room delights

Dining room tables are the centerpiece for the room.  It seems that most people these days are choosing long rectangular tables that can seat more people.  Many people also don't use their dining rooms if they have an eat in kitchen - which I'm not sure I ever want because I know that would mean I would no longer use my dining room table either!!  Here are some great dining rooms ... tables, decor and all!

1.  Mixing and matching chairs is all the rage these days in dining room settings.  While I am not always a fan (partly because the chairs do not always mesh), these chairs go well together because they tie in the same colors, just in different spots on the chairs.  I also really love the dropped ceiling and the rug compliments the simplicity of the rest of the room really well.  Very nice.

2.  So many nice things about this room.  The first thing that draws my eye is probably the chairs.  Again, they are mix and match, but done well.  Even though they do not contain the same colors, they really do go well together, and since the table and floor are very simple, they serve as a focal point for the room.  The wallpaper on the ceiling is also a darling touch, but in a way that doesn't push the decor over the top.  And let's be honest here, who wouldn't also want a fireplace in their dining room to make it a little more cozy?  Nobody. That's who.

3. Rustic Glam Chic.  I think that would be my diagnostic style assessment of this room.  I am so in love with chandeliers (you will see them frequent my blog) and these are so pretty.  Anyone who is able to design a room with two chandeliers is an A+ in my book!  The chandeliers give the room a touch of sophistication, offset by the large, custom chalkboard on the feature wall that could be multifunctional - menus, stories, notes from guests ... menus (I think that is the most fun idea for the chalkboard in the background!)  Just add some pretty pink flowers and some grey chairs (I LOVE anything grey) and the room is complete.

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  1. Absolutely love the mixture of Chic chandeliers and the chalkboard. The chairs are the
    frosting on the cake. Classic French