Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mudroom Madness

Mudrooms are fabulous if you have the right space for one.  We have one and it is perfect for storing shoes, hanging coats (and dumping everything else that's in your hands when you waltz through the door).  Out mudroom consists of a large vintage mirror that I repainted, a shoe rack, and a coat rack from Target.  It certainly serves the purpose for now ... until I redecorate it to look like one of these beauties!

1. This first mudroom is outrageous.  And I love every bit of it.  This is Sheridan French's Texas home and while it's a bit over the top for my taste, I am in awe of her bold style and risky decor decisions.  I love the deer on either side of the huge picture window, the pops of color in the throw pillows on each chair, and the fringe on the curtains.  It is an understatement to say that Sheridan French has style.

2. Ok.  This one is a bit more realistic for most people.  I absolutely love this large picture of these little boys.  So cute.  This would be easy to do with a large frame from Christmas Tree Shop or AC Moore and prints from Walmart.  If you are feeling the need to spend tons of money, you could have a custom frame made up at AC Moore (VERY expensive).  The cheaper version looks just as nice ;)  I really love the simplicity of this mudroom setup because it serves a very specific purpose - backpacks and notes.  The chalkboard paint is great and you can find it at Sherwin Williams.  What a fabulous way to utilize a wall that would otherwise not serve any purpose.

3. This mudroom is a little bit more intricate and would definitely require spending more money and having some custom work done.  I love the separation of the spaces for each family member and the delegation of specific items that go in each place.  The baskets are the only thing you would be able to purchase out - Target, Walmart, Christmas Tree Shop would all have similar ones.

 4. This last mudroom is not so much for kids to keep their stuff organized as it is for a beautiful grown-up space.  This mirror is gorgeous and is most likely vintage.  The plants (which I would obviously eliminate since I can't keep any plant alive) are very pretty and it is great having plants around if you can handle it.  I guess I will share my secret.  Craigslist.  Finding vintage items on Craigslist that nobody wants anymore is easy and also free.  Under the free section of Craigslist you can find many vintage armoires or bureaus that you can easily repaint and refinish to look just like this one.  I love this color because it really brings style to this space.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Laura Hollingsworth's fab stair runner .. and some other runner ideas!!

While we have carpeted stairs that are not slippery at all, I know that is certainly not the case for hardwood or laminate staircases.  Particularly with children, it is important to make your home safe for all and the stairs can be a dangerous place with little ones running around.  I am in love with Laura Hollingsworth's stair runner (not to mention her super cute little girls running down the stairs!) and I wanted to show some options for some runners that are modern and chic.  Most runners that I have seen are floral and ... there's not really a nice way to say this ... older looking.  Below are a few options that I found to be refreshing.  Hope you like!

1. This first runner is by Rosecore Harcourt Octagon and comes in Sweet Latte, a very neutral and calming color.  Depending on your decor, this might be a little bit busy, but it certainly makes a statement!

2. This second runner is a (get ready for a long name..) Prestige Mills Pueblo Sistal.  It sounds very fancy, and it is!  It's very neutral, which I love because that makes it extremely versatile.  It doesn't draw the eye, but it is very pretty when you look closely at it.

3. The third rug is a Silver Creek Style Tessio.  I like this one for a bold style, but it is still neutral enough to use with most decor.  I think this style would be pretty in a closed foyer when you first walk into a home that has a staircase right in front of you.  It definitely makes a statement.