Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lovely home office spaces

My home office space is less than astounding.  Mismatched desks.  Plain office chairs.  Blahhh.  I am thinking of renovating that space and I found a few ideas that would make for a lovely space.

1.  This space is a favorite of mine.  I love the intricacy of the mirror on the wall and the simplicity of the actual desk.  The lamp and flowers.  Perfection.  Target is one of my favorite stores and they have some mirrors that are really pretty statement pieces.  I am pasting the links below.  TJ Maxx (probably my absolute favorite store) also has some fab mirrors too, but it is sometimes hit-or-miss there.  It can't be a one-stop-shop kinda purchase.  You may have to look around for it.

2. I like this second space because of the wonderfully organized shelves above the desk.  I haven't seen shelving in a home office, but I really like how it was done here.  Again, the desk is very simple.  Not the greatest for storage, but still very pretty.

3.  There is a lot that I love about the space below.  This is a very inviting space.  I love the lamps and the colors that were incorporated into this space.  I'm not a huge fan of that chair (I would like something a bit more fancy - an upholstered chair maybe???) but it does fit the current space.

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