Wednesday, August 7, 2013

At-home jewelry storage

I continually struggle with the best ways to store my jewelry at home.  I have A LOT of jewelry and in the past my storage has been so ineffective that I cannot see, and thus do not wear, most of what I have.  While I am still working on some of it, here are some amazing ideas, one of which is my own!

1.  Although I don't own these bracelet holders, they are very pretty to put on a nightstand or bureau to display jewelry.  It is such a great way to see exactly what you have and also have access to everything in order to choose the piece of wrist-wear that best compliments your outfit.

2. This is actually a picture of my jewelry.  When we were moving, I wracked my brain to figure out how to transport my jewelry from a small jewelry cabinet to our new house ... and I loved it so much that it stuck.  I keep all my necklaces in these plastic cases.  They never get tangled and they are easy to see and access.  The cases are just from Walmart - they are thread organizers for only $3.97.  I also keep my large earrings in these cases as well.  The greatest thing about these cases is that you can configure them in so many different ways just by putting in and taking out the plastic pieces that separate each compartment.   The link is below...

 3. While this is not a picture of my jewelry, I do also have bracelets stored like this on my nightstand.  It only stores a few, but it is pretty, and I did already have the bottle of wine so it didn't cost me anything extra.  There are so many pretty bottles of wine these days and it does look really unique.

4. While this picture includes many things I don't currently have (or know where to buy), it is so pretty. It's a great way to showcase one statement necklace, and boy does this one do the trick.  What a beautiful piece!  Again, the bracelets are nicely displayed, just as they are in the first picture.  But, this person doesn't have a ton of jewelry, or they just chose to display only a small portion of it here.  Nonetheless, it is very appealing way to organize jewels.

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