Monday, August 12, 2013

Ravishing rugs

I really love a pretty area rug that works to make the room cohesive.  There have been some really pretty rugs floating around on the internet, and if you want to find one it isn't very hard to search for and find one that suits your home-style.

1. This rug is so much fun and provides a fun, colorful pattern in any room that is somewhat monotone or filled with tones of teal.  I love the colors that make up this rug and the contrast of the rug against the dark flooring!  You can find it here...

2. This area rug has a pattern that is very popular, but much more neutral than the first rug.  I like this rug because it has both grey and tan tones and would go well with a color scheme that involves either of those colors.  Very pretty.

3.  I LOVEEE this rug.  It is so bold and aesthetically pleasing.  I love the green and the shapes and the grey (I know, I obsess over the color grey).

4.  I know, more grey.  But I just can't stop.  Another neutral rug with a pretty, but not overwhelming pattern.  I love the zebra pattern and the color-on-color variations.  Here is the site!


  1. Thanks for featuring our new blue sea swirl rug! It is one of my favorites -

  2. Absolutely!! It's so pretty!