Backsplash wonders

 Everyone wants a backsplash that compliments their countertops and adds value and beauty to their kitchen.  BUT, it can be very hard to pick the right backsplash.  Do you want something eclectic that is really funky and different?  Do you want something subtle?  Do you have a relatively plain kitchen and want to add some fun with your backsplash?  The "right backsplash" is probably different for everyone, but here are a few I am loving right now...

1. Love. Love. Love this backsplash.  It is so pretty.  I think the reason that it works so well in this space (although you can only see a small portion of the space) is because the counter tops are so plain and the decor plays off of the white in the tiles.  Grey and blue are my two favorite colors, so this one is a winner for me!

2.  I think a lot of people these days are deciding that a subway tile backsplash is right for them.  It is fairly versatile, particularly because subway tiles come in so many different colors and are pretty plain.  I think the light blue was a good choice for this particular kitchen because it is a nice midtone.  It goes well with the super dark cabinets and the very light countertops.  And don't even get me started on the chalkboard cabinet.  Love built-in chalkboards in the home.

3.  This is another backsplash that I love.  It achieves a very specific look, but I like it because it can be used with virtually any countertop you have.  I think it looks nice with these very light countertops, but it would also provide a great contrast with a very dark countertop.  Here it contrasts the dark cabinets.

4.  This backsplash is a bit more prepster.  It works really well with the plain countertops and brings a bit of playfulness to the kitchen.  This is a perfect backsplash for a kitchen with white cabinets.  I think it would even work with a darker countertop, as long as the cabinets are light.  Pretty!!


  1. My wife and I love the tile in pic #3, can you tell us the name of the tile?

  2. Yes I also love the tile in picture 3 can you tell me the name and manufacturer.


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