Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween hauntings

Halloween is such a fun holiday and I adore decorating for it (and maybe going a little bit over the top)...  Here are some amazing Halloween decor ideas.  Some are simple while others require a bit more  effort.  All worth it, though!

You can do this with cupcake liners and plain white paper that you print out from the computer.  You can simply punch holes in the cupcake liners and string a ribbon through them to hang the banner onto your mantle.  So fun!

These homemade candles are super easy and really fun.  Simply use a sharp knife to carve out a place for the votive candle and there you have it!  Simple, cheap, Halloween centerpieces!  You could even paint these for a more unified feel that better fits your home!

My mom used to do this when I was little (and even when I wasn't little) but on a much larger scale.  She made these life size goblins and ghosts and taped them in the window on Halloween night with backlighting, making it look like there were ghosts in every window.  Everyone loved it.  This is a similar project, just on a smaller scale.  You can find tons of images on google and trace them onto black construction paper.  Then, all you have to do is tape them into the window!

One of the things I really love to do when I decorate is to stock up on holiday decor items after the holiday has passed.  Things are SO much cheaper once the holiday is over, and as long as you can muster up the patience to wait until next year, you will save a boatload!  These feather wreath is something you could purchase after the holiday and the eyeballs are a DIY project that you could easily do with Styrofoam balls.

This decor is particularly pretty and the chalkboard sign makes for an interchangeable piece of spookiness that you can decorate daily, weekly, or your kids can decorate themselves whenever they want to do some drawing. 

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