Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Laura Hollingsworth's fab stair runner .. and some other runner ideas!!

While we have carpeted stairs that are not slippery at all, I know that is certainly not the case for hardwood or laminate staircases.  Particularly with children, it is important to make your home safe for all and the stairs can be a dangerous place with little ones running around.  I am in love with Laura Hollingsworth's stair runner (not to mention her super cute little girls running down the stairs!) and I wanted to show some options for some runners that are modern and chic.  Most runners that I have seen are floral and ... there's not really a nice way to say this ... older looking.  Below are a few options that I found to be refreshing.  Hope you like!

1. This first runner is by Rosecore Harcourt Octagon and comes in Sweet Latte, a very neutral and calming color.  Depending on your decor, this might be a little bit busy, but it certainly makes a statement!

2. This second runner is a (get ready for a long name..) Prestige Mills Pueblo Sistal.  It sounds very fancy, and it is!  It's very neutral, which I love because that makes it extremely versatile.  It doesn't draw the eye, but it is very pretty when you look closely at it.

3. The third rug is a Silver Creek Style Tessio.  I like this one for a bold style, but it is still neutral enough to use with most decor.  I think this style would be pretty in a closed foyer when you first walk into a home that has a staircase right in front of you.  It definitely makes a statement.

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